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Our Thoughts on Nutrition

If your search the web you will find pages devoted to feeding your dog raw meat and those against it. It takes on a sort of religious fervor. All the hype and fuss comes down to the simple goal of feeding your dog a safe, balanced diet. From the dogs we see in training, dogs we see from breeders, and dogs we see in the kennel we have come to a conclusion: No dog food marketed today can be a balanced diet for all dogs all the time.

A balanced diet is one which provides your dog with the necessary nutrients in a form your dog can digest. So how do you know that your dog is digesting all of it's necessary nutrients from it's dog food? How do you know if your dog food contains a balanced diet? What can I do to help create a balanced diet?

A safe diet is one which will not endanger your dogs life when they consume it. A safe diet is purely up to one's own opinion. Dogs, fed with dry dog food, can die of bloat. It is a major concern for large breed dogs. A dog can swallow a bone too large for their digestive system to pass. Raw meet spoils ... so does dry dog food.

We can provide answers and insight to these questions. It is important for you to make the decision and take responsibility for the health of your dog.